Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Triangular Chew Toy

Triangular Chew Toy

Triangular Chew Toy

This knit chew toy is perfect for energetic little puppies that need something to bite. This is a great project for practicing increases and decreases. It is unique because, instead of knitting two separate pieces, it is knit as one piece and then is sewn at the edges.

- Size #7 Knitting Needles
- 1 Skein Worsted Weight Yarn (I used chunky yarn)
- Crochet Hook or Sewing Needle
- Scissors
-Scrap Yarn or Fiberfill

Does not matter.

With size #7 needles, cast on 30 st.
Row 1: Knit2tog, knit until last 2 st., knit2tog
Repeat this row until there are 4 st. on the needle.
K2tog (Twice).
Knit st.
M1, knit until last st., M1
Continue M1, knit until last st., M1 until there are 30 st. on needle.
Cast off.

Fold down one half of the project and match up the sides so that it makes a triangle shape.
Sew together all sides and leave a 1-inch opening to stuff the toy.
After stuffing the project with scrap yarn or fiberfill, sew up the remaining opening.
Add fringe at corners if desired.

Give the new chew toy to your beloved pet and ENJOY!

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  1. Hi... I am interested in the yarn you used for this project. Can you tell me what the name of it is? I have 2 pounds of the stuff and I really love it, but I purchased it as "unknown" mill ends.

    I'd really appreciate it....

    Thanks.... Debbie